Glo Protective Liquid Foundation Satin II


We are proud to present our "New" gloprotective liquid foundation in satin II enhanced with venuceane and malachite.

With this combination of breakthrough ingredients, we offer you a "rock solid" defense against the superoxide radical, as well as repairing and protecting against the damage caused by UVA rays.

The Satin II offers a medium to full coverage with exceptional smoothness, delivering beauty and skin benefits with every application. Available in 13 satin shades.

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    Holy cow! Completely evens out your skin tone, matte finish. No oil ALL day, and I didn't even use any powder. Didn't need concealor, either.

    I have been using this makeup for over 2 years and i will never change! i used Estee Lauder all my life and will never go back. This is the best make up i have used. Everyone compliments me on this makeup

    I've been using this makeup for over two years. I have rosacea but this evens out my skin so nicely nobody knows. It doesn't cake or drift into wrinkles. I get compliments on my skin all the time and I've had people say that I'm lucky that I don't have to wear makeup, lol! I don't correct them. It looks that natural...however, I didn't pick the shade myself. An aesthetician color matched me. I won't change makeup unless for some reason the company quits making it. I love it!
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